Saturday, September 6, 2014


In the world of technology Li-Fi Technology A view of!

Technology Summary:

Changing the development of Internet technology-based companies in the industry and in its defense is difficult. It's a system that generated the Li- Fi. All the functions Wi -Fi correspond to the offset. But with regard to hacking implemented in Wi -Fi Li -Fi have systems in

It can be run using the normal brightness. The Router All lines have been acquired by LED lighting The bulbs are connected.

We used the Internet to use the Internet in this bright Should fall on the instrument. To the other redundant Coverage is available from the Internet.


LED acts as a Transmitter. LED at Will Dykes easily, you can reload. In the OFF position, the signal 0 Greer, Greer LED mounted in the 1 to give the signal.1 The signal The photodetector is connected to the instrument spread in the air The tool is used to run the Internet.

Photodetector light electric force his will upon the other The amount of signal received by payanpatukiratuitan 10,000 -20,000pbs In the rate.

The beam passing red, purple and green as a mix of Classified.

Depending on the size of the beam from the LED to the speed of the Internet Swings. 100MB / s speed is the amount that will provide the ability to According to the human eye is unable to see the beam.

The beneficiaries of such a system, use the Internet more Used in place of, the best Security is the ability.

Now whether or not the application completely, IEEE 802.15.7 in A part has been used. Use this fully Studies are ongoing.

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