Tuesday, August 19, 2014


In the year 2880 the world is crashing!

In the year 2880 the world would be endangered in the United States Scientists have discovered

University of America tennice Recently researchers in astronomy A study carried out.

The biggest giant meteorite It is understood that the earth revolved come flowing into one step. The "1950-D, A 'have named.

It weighs 44.800 megatons, 1 km wide There. It is 9 miles per second speed Flows towards the earth.

The meteorite is expected to hit the Earth in the year 2,880. Will hit the Earth at a speed of 38 thousand miles per hour estimate. 

The deadliest of the earth will explode with noise, change in temperature, Due to the devastation caused by the tsunami.

Thereby suggesting that the extinction of the human race. At the same time, the Obstacles that can prevent a party meteorite earth scientists Commented.

This information was released in the United States A research article published in the newspaper.

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