Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Your pen drive is have an virus? here is the way to recover your files easily

The most of the information is saved the use of USB pen drives.

The virus is an important issue. Different Using viruses to computers easily affects the latter entered the inside of the file.

When half of the files on your pen drive! If you open any file is hidden on your computer There.

Will be blank. But if you look at the properties files The size of the show as it is.

Due to the information we have hidden virus, suppose we don't have any files on our pen drive, we can format and after the pen drive can be obtained

But if there is some important information on how the Let's bring it back safe and sound files to.

Install any software you have on your computer Please do not use. Making it easy for your!

Instruction at the bottom Please read carefully pick recovering the files.

1) First plugin the pen drive to your computer.

 2) Start ==> Run ==> CMD ==> Enter button

3) now you can find out your pen drive in your computer.

4) for example your drive is located in E:, you can type  E: then click enter button.

5) attrib -h -s -r / s / d *. * For each part type in the Space Issue properly.

Enter to make sure that you are giving the right  Dial.

Hang on for a few seconds. Now your pendrive Look back and check all your own file Bound.

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