Sunday, August 10, 2014


Moving the stones 'death outside'

America's 'Race Trek Plaza', a region of the world Well known, the 'death by that name. Do you know why? Distance to the horizon Humans as creatures, tree  There.

In this area, such as the spread of desert kit In times of drought, the land fell into the blast holes in 'ice' that span. This is the mystery of the stones in the earth moving away. For a long time The reason for this is the ongoing mystery has not yet been found.They are clearly moving the labels

The stones in the entire area into two or three years Reports suggest that around.

In some cases, the two stones at the same time to start the journey. Train They have been around the track. In some cases in which a stone Right or left side alone on his journey back to side continued. These situations are moving backwards Remains.

In this vast land near the mountain rock fragments from Fall break. It is said that these are to be moved, the mystery Pradesh In 1948 it was reported that for the first time shifted. 1972-80 period Studies carried out in the area of ​​breathtaking.

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