Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ebola virus

Ebola virus is threatening the world's countries

Ebola virus is threatening nations. Attack of the virus this year in Guinea, Liberia and 1,201 people in the affected countries of Sierra Leone, Africa. 672 of them died.

               Generalized treatment

The virus from the animal attacking humans. In particular fruit bat mulamparaviyullatu Death Eaters. The other extends from attacking infected humans. Contaminating the blood of infected humans for humans from the rest of Transmitted by.

Ebola virus attack family members, treatment providers Be careful. Otherwise, they can easily spread the risk Ullatukanko country spreading the Ebola River in the first The "Ebola virus" was named.


 Symptom 1: fever, weakness, head, muscle, throat pain. Symptom 2: attacks the central nervous system. Symptom 3: rattavanti In advanced disease, eye, nose, mouth Caused by haemorrhage

               Seriously World countries

To control the virus attacks the UK, USA and Countries have launched a serious bid. The solution is not easy to hit the western countries From England to prevent the spread of virus infection The country's health Department is taking precautionary measures.


Providing appropriate medicine for people suffering from Ebola virus, In order to prevent contamination To providing financial assistance to countries of the World Bank meeting Took place in Washington. The leaders from 35 countries attended, Ebola disease West African countries, which affected 3 to Rs 1,200 crore

                       Security measures

Disease should be postponed to an attacker. Doctors, family members wore appropriate safeguards Only near, they need to go near. The disease attacks the body of the victim, with the doctor's advice carefully To be removed.

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