Monday, August 25, 2014


Driver software for hard copy that is easy to update ..

Computers that operate on the Windows operating system in the Driver Please update the software system Adding speed of Driver Booster The software has been effective.

Software, computer completely free and available Necessary hardware to automatically tailor them to study Driver of the latest versions of software safely Downloaded from the Internet and install.

The decrease in the speed of the computer with the old Driver, software, In order to prevent the occurrence of errors in the operating system.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Your pen drive is have an virus? here is the way to recover your files easily

The most of the information is saved the use of USB pen drives.

The virus is an important issue. Different Using viruses to computers easily affects the latter entered the inside of the file.

When half of the files on your pen drive! If you open any file is hidden on your computer There.

Will be blank. But if you look at the properties files The size of the show as it is.

Due to the information we have hidden virus, suppose we don't have any files on our pen drive, we can format and after the pen drive can be obtained

But if there is some important information on how the Let's bring it back safe and sound files to.

Install any software you have on your computer Please do not use. Making it easy for your!

Instruction at the bottom Please read carefully pick recovering the files.

1) First plugin the pen drive to your computer.

 2) Start ==> Run ==> CMD ==> Enter button

3) now you can find out your pen drive in your computer.

4) for example your drive is located in E:, you can type  E: then click enter button.

5) attrib -h -s -r / s / d *. * For each part type in the Space Issue properly.

Enter to make sure that you are giving the right  Dial.

Hang on for a few seconds. Now your pendrive Look back and check all your own file Bound.


In the year 2880 the world is crashing!

In the year 2880 the world would be endangered in the United States Scientists have discovered

University of America tennice Recently researchers in astronomy A study carried out.

The biggest giant meteorite It is understood that the earth revolved come flowing into one step. The "1950-D, A 'have named.

It weighs 44.800 megatons, 1 km wide There. It is 9 miles per second speed Flows towards the earth.

The meteorite is expected to hit the Earth in the year 2,880. Will hit the Earth at a speed of 38 thousand miles per hour estimate. 

The deadliest of the earth will explode with noise, change in temperature, Due to the devastation caused by the tsunami.

Thereby suggesting that the extinction of the human race. At the same time, the Obstacles that can prevent a party meteorite earth scientists Commented.

This information was released in the United States A research article published in the newspaper.


The battery can be charged in 30 seconds

The company can be charged in 30 seconds StoreDot Introduced the smart phone's battery. The flash batteries amino acid chains (bio- organic materials) and nano-crystals (nanocrystals) was produced using.

The company can be charged in 30 seconds StoreDot Introduced the smart phone's battery. The flash batteries amino acid chains (bio- organic materials) and nano-crystals (nanocrystals) was produced using.

The company was successful in StoreDot type batteries Samsung Galaxy S4 According to runs. Following this research. The research of the According to the type of batteries being sold on the market since 2016.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Moving the stones 'death outside'

America's 'Race Trek Plaza', a region of the world Well known, the 'death by that name. Do you know why? Distance to the horizon Humans as creatures, tree  There.

In this area, such as the spread of desert kit In times of drought, the land fell into the blast holes in 'ice' that span. This is the mystery of the stones in the earth moving away. For a long time The reason for this is the ongoing mystery has not yet been found.They are clearly moving the labels

The stones in the entire area into two or three years Reports suggest that around.

In some cases, the two stones at the same time to start the journey. Train They have been around the track. In some cases in which a stone Right or left side alone on his journey back to side continued. These situations are moving backwards Remains.

In this vast land near the mountain rock fragments from Fall break. It is said that these are to be moved, the mystery Pradesh In 1948 it was reported that for the first time shifted. 1972-80 period Studies carried out in the area of ​​breathtaking.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Passwords that can never be hacked!

With an ever-increasing cases of online account hacking being reported, it’s
getting difficult to protect passwords and keep the accounts safe. But worry
no more.

A computer scientist has devised what he calls ‘geographical passwords’ to
protect online accounts and keep the hackers at bay.

Computer scientist Ziyad Al-Salloum of ZSS-Research in Ras Al Khaimah,
UAE, has devised ‘geographical passwords’ as a simple yet practical approach
to access credentials that could provide secure access to different entities.

The new ‘geo’ approach exploits our remarkable ability to recall with relative
ease a favourite or visited place and to use that place’s specific location as
the access credentials.

The prototype system developed at ZSS-Research is capable of protecting a
system against known password threats.

“It’s much easier to remember a place you have visited than a long,
complicated password,” argued Al-Salloum.

Even strong, but conventional passwords are a security risk in the face of
increasingly sophisticated “hacker” tools that can break into servers and
apply brute force to reveal passwords.

Indeed, over the last few years numerous major corporations and
organisations – LinkedIn, Sony, the US government, Evernote, Twitter,
Yahoo and many others – have had their systems compromised to different

“Proposing an effective replacement of conventional passwords could reduce
76 percent of data breaches, based on an analysis of more than 47,000
reported security incidents,” stressed Al-Salloum.

The geographical password system utilises the geographical information
derived from a specific memorable location around which the user has logged
a drawn boundary – longitude, latitude, altitude, area of the boundary, its
perimeter, sides, angles, radius and other features form the geographical

Once created, the password is then “salted” by adding a string of hidden
random characters that are user-specific and the geographical password and
the salt “hashed” together.

Thus, even if two users pick the same place as their geographical password
the behind-the-scenes password settings is unique to them.

If the system disallowed two users from picking the same location, this would
make it much easier for adversaries to guess passwords.

The research was published in the International Journal of Security and

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ebola virus

Ebola virus is threatening the world's countries

Ebola virus is threatening nations. Attack of the virus this year in Guinea, Liberia and 1,201 people in the affected countries of Sierra Leone, Africa. 672 of them died.

               Generalized treatment

The virus from the animal attacking humans. In particular fruit bat mulamparaviyullatu Death Eaters. The other extends from attacking infected humans. Contaminating the blood of infected humans for humans from the rest of Transmitted by.

Ebola virus attack family members, treatment providers Be careful. Otherwise, they can easily spread the risk Ullatukanko country spreading the Ebola River in the first The "Ebola virus" was named.


 Symptom 1: fever, weakness, head, muscle, throat pain. Symptom 2: attacks the central nervous system. Symptom 3: rattavanti In advanced disease, eye, nose, mouth Caused by haemorrhage

               Seriously World countries

To control the virus attacks the UK, USA and Countries have launched a serious bid. The solution is not easy to hit the western countries From England to prevent the spread of virus infection The country's health Department is taking precautionary measures.


Providing appropriate medicine for people suffering from Ebola virus, In order to prevent contamination To providing financial assistance to countries of the World Bank meeting Took place in Washington. The leaders from 35 countries attended, Ebola disease West African countries, which affected 3 to Rs 1,200 crore

                       Security measures

Disease should be postponed to an attacker. Doctors, family members wore appropriate safeguards Only near, they need to go near. The disease attacks the body of the victim, with the doctor's advice carefully To be removed.


The creation of the world's first wireless mouse !!!

Design yourself running into place in hongkong to Innovation (DTOI) company in the world LC has developed the first wireless mouse scanner

Ordinary optical This mouse is designed as a mouse scan photos, text stems will scan Provides comfort to users.

Wi-Fi technology in the 2.4 GHz frequency scan mouse will be able to operate the LC Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.6 as well Due to the third-generation iPad, the iPad Mini and the second generation iPhone 5 / 5S can be used as well.

Thus, Excel, Word, PDF, TXT JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP Would be able to scan files.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


NASA's plan to create oxygen on Mars!!!

NASA Mars-related research institute in For a long time in intensive research Has been engaged.

As a part of Mars in 2020 Planet Earth is planning to start the traffic.

For this year 2012, the rocket from the Rover on Mars Involved in several research studies, including whether there is oxygen dependent.

In this case, the artificial oxygen Is considering developing.

However, the satellites will produce oxygen from carbon dioxide It should be noted that already  to NASA.


And a world record in the data transmission !!!

Interoperable high-speed data in the world Technologies, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) researchers have developed record.

This new found speed to 43 Tbps.

This high-speed technology with optical media entirely through the medium of the last month in California Conference On Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) explored the world record in the event have been confirmed.